"They’ll sing battle songs about this someday. Reaper blood has finally soaked our soil."

Urdnot Wrex // Mass Effect 3
Commissioned work, commissions OPEN, info here

Some shots from our Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel photoshoot in Handsome Jack’s new look! With self made Claptrap C:
Handsome Jack cosplay made and worn by Shenae Guzzardi | Photography by Mel Guzzardi

Video of our Claptrap talking, doin his thang and showing his details here!

More The Pre-Sequel shots on FacebookBorderlands 2 Jack & Zero photoset here | and hereFirst BL2 shoot | ClapTrap photoshoot

OMFG YOUR ART IS INCREDIBLE! I have been a big fan of your work for ages, its great seeing how your style evolves with each piece And in my opinion you&your sister are going to become great game designers as you are both very talented artists

You’ve been a big fan for ages?!!? That’s such a compliment C’: and thanks SO much for your support of our game design goals :D THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for so many nice words in one message! omg you should come off anon so we can thank you personally!!

William T. Spears | Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Commissioned by MFM Photography
Commissions OPEN, info here

OMG GIRLS srsly you started following me?1!!?!/1 Ok then I guess I should finally say how amaizing your art is, i'm actually ur deviantwatcher and I believe you're gonna become a great game designers, or whatever else you want bc you're already a great artists:) Thank you for follow, and for your art especially!!!

MY GOD of course!! Your blog is awesome! wowwwow holy crap wasn’t expecting such compliment THANK YOU SO MUCH, what a sweet thing to say!!! :’D Your encouragement means a lot to us! We’re trying super hard to get more game design jobs, so it’s humbling that you believe in us! C’:

Your cosplays are crazy stunning! Wow!! :D

AAARGH thank you so much!! Your cosplay is so incredible, that Megamind! C:

Titan | Hunter | Warlock // Destiny + watercolour

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Oh my goodness, okay I wanted to stop by and compliment you both on your artworks. I've seen a lot of the Infamous pieces and the Watch Dogs one and golly. They are so well done, just incredibly striking, and there's a unique style to them. Thank you for sharing your works with us, it's always wonderful to see your art! They are so wonderful and I am looking forwards to seeing more in the future. Have a great rest of the day and week! :) <3

AAARGH GOSH thank you so much!! This is such a nice message oh my god :’D SO wonderful to see you say you think our work has a unique style, probably the best thing you could say! Really really appreciate that C’:
wowww are you kidding thank YOU for enjoying our art! It’s a pleasure to share it with people like you! You’ve MADE our day and rest of the week, so you have a great one too :’D /weeping intensely

Hank joins our InFamous: Second Son portrait series! This Hank art was commissioned by his voice, face and mocap actor, David Stanbra! It was SO amazing to work with him /intense weeping

The others by Mel and I are here:
Delsin | Reggie | EugeneFetch | Cole | Hank on twitter here

"I’d like to say it was nice knowing you, but I’ll be glad to see your insides turned out" - Georgie Porgie

Colour pencil, watercolour, conte on card | on twitter here C:

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"…Jordi does what Jordi does" - Pearce

Feelin like Jordi falls asleep on the job, and Aiden’s not about that

Also attempted process gif lmao
Video of this being painted step by step here | on twitter here

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Wow, beautiful arts! Congrats! ;D

Fffffjgfgjj thank you very muuuuch!! :D

If I was half as good as you when it came to artwork I would be soo happy with myself You are my favourite artists on tumblr and I love second son I am a huge fan

Awww thank you so much!! That’s such a compliment! Really flattering omg c’:
Honestly it’s hard not to love a game so GOOOOD

Eugene joins the portrait series! C: HE’S THE BEST, and not gonna lie, we spent 98% of the game using Video lolll

The others are here:
Delsin | Reggie | Fetch | Cole

on twitter here, please don’t repost or upload these anywhere without credit :’c

Oh my god. I've been following you on deviantart for awhile and had no idea you had a tumblr also!!!

Omg you have!? Wowowow thank you!! :’D your art is so cool, and your FETCH COSPLAY SLAYED ME OH MY GOD
ALSO your Morrigan was amaziNG /weeps