"How’d we get here?"
Luke & Kenny || Graphite + colour pencil on paper

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Your art is amazing and awesome!

Thank you so much!! Glad you like it C:

I never sent you an ask even though i still cant believe you followed me, idk why though ; v; as many people here, i'm a huge fan of your art. Keep up the great work. You both are so talented and deserve it ♥

omg of course we’d follow you! Your blog’s awesome and LOVE your art!! (especially your Nathan Drake one ughuhghugh) tHANK YOU SO MUCH for all your lovely compliments aaaaargh!! You’re too nice :’D

"They’ll sing battle songs about this someday. Reaper blood has finally soaked our soil."

Urdnot Wrex // Mass Effect 3
Commissioned work, commissions OPEN, info here

Some shots from our Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel photoshoot in Handsome Jack’s new look! With self made Claptrap C:
Handsome Jack cosplay made and worn by Shenae Guzzardi | Photography by Mel Guzzardi

Video of our Claptrap talking, doin his thang and showing his details here!

More The Pre-Sequel shots on FacebookBorderlands 2 Jack & Zero photoset here | and hereFirst BL2 shoot | ClapTrap photoshoot

OMFG YOUR ART IS INCREDIBLE! I have been a big fan of your work for ages, its great seeing how your style evolves with each piece And in my opinion you&your sister are going to become great game designers as you are both very talented artists

You’ve been a big fan for ages?!!? That’s such a compliment C’: and thanks SO much for your support of our game design goals :D THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for so many nice words in one message! omg you should come off anon so we can thank you personally!!

William T. Spears | Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Commissioned by MFM Photography
Commissions OPEN, info here

OMG GIRLS srsly you started following me?1!!?!/1 Ok then I guess I should finally say how amaizing your art is, i'm actually ur deviantwatcher and I believe you're gonna become a great game designers, or whatever else you want bc you're already a great artists:) Thank you for follow, and for your art especially!!!

MY GOD of course!! Your blog is awesome! wowwwow holy crap wasn’t expecting such compliment THANK YOU SO MUCH, what a sweet thing to say!!! :’D Your encouragement means a lot to us! We’re trying super hard to get more game design jobs, so it’s humbling that you believe in us! C’:

Your cosplays are crazy stunning! Wow!! :D

AAARGH thank you so much!! Your cosplay is so incredible, that Megamind! C:

Titan | Hunter | Warlock // Destiny + watercolour

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Oh my goodness, okay I wanted to stop by and compliment you both on your artworks. I've seen a lot of the Infamous pieces and the Watch Dogs one and golly. They are so well done, just incredibly striking, and there's a unique style to them. Thank you for sharing your works with us, it's always wonderful to see your art! They are so wonderful and I am looking forwards to seeing more in the future. Have a great rest of the day and week! :) <3

AAARGH GOSH thank you so much!! This is such a nice message oh my god :’D SO wonderful to see you say you think our work has a unique style, probably the best thing you could say! Really really appreciate that C’:
wowww are you kidding thank YOU for enjoying our art! It’s a pleasure to share it with people like you! You’ve MADE our day and rest of the week, so you have a great one too :’D /weeping intensely

Hank joins our InFamous: Second Son portrait series! This Hank art was commissioned by his voice, face and mocap actor, David Stanbra! It was SO amazing to work with him /intense weeping

The others by Mel and I are here:
Delsin | Reggie | EugeneFetch | Cole | Hank on twitter here

"I’d like to say it was nice knowing you, but I’ll be glad to see your insides turned out" - Georgie Porgie

Colour pencil, watercolour, conte on card | on twitter here C:

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"…Jordi does what Jordi does" - Pearce

Feelin like Jordi falls asleep on the job, and Aiden’s not about that

Also attempted process gif lmao
Video of this being painted step by step here | on twitter here

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Wow, beautiful arts! Congrats! ;D

Fffffjgfgjj thank you very muuuuch!! :D