"I’d like to say it was nice knowing you, but I’ll be glad to see your insides turned out" - Georgie Porgie

Colour pencil, watercolour, conte on card | on twitter here C:

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"…Jordi does what Jordi does" - Pearce

Feelin like Jordi falls asleep on the job, and Aiden’s not about that

Also attempted process gif lmao
Video of this being painted step by step here | on twitter here

(Source: guzzardiart)

Wow, beautiful arts! Congrats! ;D

Fffffjgfgjj thank you very muuuuch!! :D

If I was half as good as you when it came to artwork I would be soo happy with myself You are my favourite artists on tumblr and I love second son I am a huge fan

Awww thank you so much!! That’s such a compliment! Really flattering omg c’:
Honestly it’s hard not to love a game so GOOOOD

Eugene joins the portrait series! C: HE’S THE BEST, and not gonna lie, we spent 98% of the game using Video lolll

The others are here:
Delsin | Reggie | Fetch | Cole

on twitter here, please don’t repost or upload these anywhere without credit :’c

Oh my god. I've been following you on deviantart for awhile and had no idea you had a tumblr also!!!

Omg you have!? Wowowow thank you!! :’D your art is so cool, and your FETCH COSPLAY SLAYED ME OH MY GOD
ALSO your Morrigan was amaziNG /weeps

Didn’t realize how many Second Son sketches we had until we put them all together haha
It’s just such a good gaaaaammaame /quiet sobbing
4B, 6B, graphite and colour pencils

Art by Shenae and Mel Guzzardi, Please don’t repost or upload this art without credit anywhere :’c
On twitter here

We’re having a sale on commissions during our mid year break, during the sale if you order multiple characters or more than one image you’ll get a discount C:

To make an order send a note on deviantart or a message via facebook, or email us at guzzardiart@gmail.com and tell us what you’d like!
You can include a description of what exactly you want and we can talk about it with you C: Payment via Paypal
More info here

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Commission for Vzion of her character, Jay C: Hope you like it, hun!! :’D
You can see her design page for him here

Art by Mel Guzzardi, please don’t repost or upload this anywhere :’c

Commission status OPEN! Info 

Thank you so much for following! Your art and cosplays are AMAZING! <3

MY GOD you’re so welcome!! Your blog is awesome! :D woww thank you SO much!! C’:

Far Cry 4’s antagonist Pagan Min, he was amazing in the reveal trailer!! LOVED and ravaged Far Cry 3 something fierce so IM SOO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME.
His character design is so daring, and the colours they used in the trailer, especially for text, were sO DAMN GOOD! one of the things that inspired me for this one c:

Art by Shenae Guzzardi, please don’t repost or uploadthis art anywhere :’c
On twitter here

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"You’ve never been in a photobooth, Joel?!"

Today is the anniversary of The Last of Us’ release! Can’t believe it’s been a year already! c’:
Little idea I had after playing Left Behind, Ellie takes Joel back to the photobooth machine her and Riley discovered /sobs

4B on paper with (horrible) process photo gifs lol

Art by Shenae Guzzardi, please don’t repost or upload this art anywhere :’c
on twitter here

Haytham Kenway, commissioned traditional illustration set for the lovely kupieckorzenny, 6B, 8B and graphite on parchment
It’s been a while since we did AC art, and really missed it, especially Haytham uhuhughhu. And sooo pumPED FOR AC: UNITY

Commission info here!

Art by Shenae (lower) and Mel Guzzardi (upper), Please don’t repost or upload this art anywhere :c
On twitter here

You're an amazing artists

That’s so kind to say, glad you think so!! THANK YOU from us both! :’D

I love your infamous fanart Seriously that is some professional million dollar price stuck up in a museum for people to gaze wondrously at shit right there

HOLY CRAP that’s one hell of a compliment!! weeps a bit :’D THANK YOU SO MUCH! wowww, day made! Come off anon pleaaase I have thanks I want to give to you! c’: